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DuraBowl Glass Pipe Protection

DuraBowl Glass Pipe Protection
DuraBowl Glass Pipe Protection

We've all been there...your favorite glass piece, accidentally dropped and broken. It is a terrible feeling, not to mention a costly replacement, and occurs far too frequently. 

Finally, there is a solution available! DuraBowl wipes by Smoke Science are a revolutionary new advancement in nanotechnology, designed to reinforce the bond of your glass on a nano-molecular level, resulting in a dramatically increased durability and a glass piece that is exponentially more difficult to break. 

Powered by technology developed by industry leading nanotech firm Liquid Nano, DuraBowl uses easy-to-apply Nano Wipes to coat the exterior surface of your favorite glass. This simple wipe on process takes mere minutes to complete, and will leave your glass protected for years to come. 


But it safe to consume? Absolutely! Smoke Science uses 100% natural materials that are all eco friendly, and even ROHS and FDA certified, leaving you with the peace of mind that you should rightfully demand in a modern age saturated with harmful chemicals. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a DuraBowl wipe today and start protecting your glass!

Looking for something that works with a larger glass piece, such as a water-pipe? Check out our DuraBowl XL wipes!

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